Checking your jewellery

It is so important to have your jewellery checked regularly to ensure it is in perfect condition. Jewellery does wear down overtime, especially if worn everyday and checking the settings yearly is strongly recommended to ensure stones are not lost.

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Laser welding technology

To our new social media family we would like to reintroduce ‘Baldric’, an important addition to our workshop team. Baldric (Brilliantly Amazing Laser Device Required for Intricate Construction) is our concession to modern technology. It assists us to create and restore fine quality hand crafted jewellery with amazing accuracy. A tool that is becoming more essential to the top end jeweller.

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Gold four chain bracelet

A bracelet with a difference for a recent client order. Consisting of four different types of chain intertwined and attached to a large bolt ring clasp in 9 carat gold. A novel way to use chains no longer being worn

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Hand crafted emerald and diamond ring


From sketch to the final product. This hand crafted one-off creation was made by our master jeweller Greg for a very lucky client. Using a pair of diamonds handed down through the family, this artistic creation shows the years of design experience, creativity and attention to detail that goes into every design to make each new heirloom so personal and unique.


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Jewellery Insurance

Earlier this year our client Ms R sadly requested us to assist her with her insurance claim to replace the loss of her pearl earrings. We had made the earrings for her years earlier and she loved them: high quality, lustrous South Sea pearls suspended from a unique 18 carat yellow gold setting.
We prepared a very competitive quote for submission to the insurance company. They responded that our quote was quite unacceptable and that she must use the insurance company’s preferred supplier. After many frustrating calls to her insurer, and disappointing visits to the appointed jeweller, Ms R was forced to accept an insurance payout as compensation – for $125!
This story is an extreme, but typical nevertheless. Your home and contents insurance policy is likely to contain a clause that dictates that you will be required to seek compensation from a supplier of their choosing, on their terms.

Read the full story in the current issue of the Abrecht Bird News.


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Transparency for Treated Diamonds

An article in our last newsletter about diamond enhancement treatments provoked much discussion amongst our clients. Since then a meeting between the World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has explicitly decreed that, without further qualification, the term ‘diamond’ always implies a natural diamond. We applaud this decision.
ISO International Standard 18323 unambiguously barsthe use of adjectives such as ‘cultured’ and ‘cultivated’, as well as ‘real’, ‘genuine’, ‘precious’ and ‘gem’ to describe any synthetic diamond. The use of such words can be considered deceptive.

Read the full story in the current issue of the Abrecht Bird News.


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Talented Eleanor Awarded

Almost every newsletter brings an announcement of Eleanor Hawke’s latest achievement.
Eleanor’s talents were recently rewarded once more when she won the gold medal in the Victorian Worldskill Olympics.
Many trades, such as plumbers, builders, hairdressers, and of course jewellers, compete in their appropriate divisions by performing complex assignments in a given time limit (in Eleanor’s case, nine hours).

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Eleanor Gold

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Creative Design on Show

Since our last edition I have had the honour to represent Abrecht Bird Jewellers in the inaugural ‘Bench Challenge’ at the Sydney International Trade Fair. As well as three engravers, two CAD technicians and one stone setter, five jewellers were selected from Australia and New Zealand and put to the test in a ‘Mystery Box’ style event. At the start of the fair we were all given an equal but limited amount of gold (10 grams total of white and rose gold) and a collection of gemstones – one pink cubic zirconia marquise cut and nine small white zirconias of different sizes.

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