The ‘Second C’

When sufficiently magnified most diamonds will be seen to contain minute traces of (non-crystallised) carbon or other minerals known as ‘inclusions’. The international standard for assessing the clarity of a diamond is the visibility of these inclusions under 10 power magnification. As well as the number and size of inclusions, clarity grading also takes account of their location, nature and colour.

Our preference is to present diamonds with clarity gradings of VS or SI. Beyond this, inclusions can either be detected by eye or can diminish the brilliance of a stone.

The ‘purer’ the diamond, the rarer and more valuable it becomes. Although a little daunting at first, our clients enjoy being taught how to use a 10X power loupe to verify clarity gradings. By so doing they feel more confident to make ‘trade-off’ choices between clarity and the size or colour of the stone. The ultimate choice is a very individual judgement but confidence comes from being carefully guided through this process.

Kimberly Fine Diamonds Clarity Chart

Kimberly Fine Diamonds Clarity Chart


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