The ‘First C’

Diamonds are found in the full spectrum of colours. As consumer awareness of fancy coloured diamonds increases, we have enjoyed showing clients the beauty of intense fancy coloured diamonds, including pink, yellow, champagne, green, blue and black. Those exhibiting strong colour are referred to as ‘fancy coloured diamonds’ and are graded on the intensity of their colour.

Traditionally, white (or more correctly ‘colourless’) diamond is favoured. In Australia, we follow the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grading scale for evaluating colour.

‘D’ coloured diamonds are extremely rare – having no colour at all. Colour grades of ‘D’ through to ‘H’ are referred to as white, ‘I’ colours and beyond are referred to as ‘tinted’ with yellow or brown. Seen in isolation, such a stone may appear to be white, but when compared with a selection of diamonds of higher colour, the subtle differences can be detected.

We find most discerning customers favour high colour and we generally present choices of diamonds graded ‘D’ through to ‘G’.


Fancy Colour Diamonds


GIA Colour Chart




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