Caring for Pearls

Pearls are relatively soft so store them separately from other jewellery – preferably in a box or pouch as other jewellery can easily scratch or damage their surface.

  1. Apply make-up, hairspray or perfume before putting on your pearls. Chemicals can damage their lustre.
  2. Regularly restring your pearls. The string is made of silk and deteriorates, particularly if exposed to water. Opinions vary according to whether the strand should be fully knotted (between each pearl) – this is the safest method but the knots can discolour.
  3. Avoid exposure to any acidic substance.
  4. Avoid exposure to heat which can dry out and damage pearls.
  5. Don’t use an ultrasonic cleaner or jewellery cleaning chemicals. Instead, wipe the pearls with soft cloth.

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