Designing and hand-making are our specialty. We love the interaction with clients and seeing the pleasure on their faces when their ideas are translated into works of art.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer apprentice jewellers are being trained. The art and skill of hand-making jewellery is in danger of being lost. In its place we see mass production techniques, with much of the jewellery imported.

At Abrecht Bird Jewellers we offer you the opportunity to plan your own design with the guidance of skilled, experienced designers and craftsmen. Many requests we receive are for simple, classical designs. These can often be accompanied by a photo or rough sketch.

Our consultation process addresses every aspect of even the most straightforward design concepts – the colour of gold, type of setting, width and thickness of band, profile and suitability for the wedding ring it will accompany.

Master Jeweller Greg John has over 30 years’ experience as a designer and hand-maker. When called upon to produce a complex piece, he shows the depth of his artistic skill by sketching the design for the customer’s approval prior to commencing. He is proud to stamp his individual maker’s mark on these designs – adding value and prestige for the wearer.


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