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Diamond – A symbol of love and romance

A diamond is the classic symbol of love and romance.  A timeless gift for a special celebration or simply a declaration of your love.

Diamonds are the ideal symbol of commitment

Whether it be a gift of a pendant, earrings or an engagement ring, diamonds have been associated with love and romance for centuries.

Durable and a gemstone on the market with the best ‘sparkle’ and ‘brilliance’, diamonds are the prefect choice for a stone that lasts a lifetime. Due to it’s extreme hardness, diamonds have the potential to become heirloom jewellery to last generations.

Value of diamonds

Diamonds come in variety of colours from pink and blue to yellow, brown, black and of course colourless. Some are rarer than others with pinks and blues the most highly prized. Pink diamonds have certainly increased in value due to their limited quantity. Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia (due to close in 2020) is the largest supplier to the world. Yellows and browns are less expensive but depending on the depth of colour can achieve a premium price. Blacks are the least expensive and are quite often heat treated to enhance the colour.

Diamonds Versatility

Due to the choice of colour, size, clarity and cut, diamonds can cater for all designs. Whether you choose an engagement three stone ring, a solitaire, a pair of earrings or a pendant there is an option to  reflects your style and budget.

Abrecht Bird are specialists in custom made hand crafted jewellery. All our creations are made in our onsite workshop by qualified and skilled Jewellers and designers. Let us help you create the diamond jewellery to symbolise your special occasion. Make an appointment today 03 9650 3830 or email us info@abrecht.com.au

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